Aleppo Boy: Omran Daqneesh Brings Truce, Vladimir Putin Supports Ceasefire


Aeartbreaking photo of a young Aleppo boy named Omran Daqneesh, rescued from debris after an
airstrike, has emerged.
The little boy’s photo shows how weary he was. He was sitting in an ambulance, blood and dust on
his face. A video footage also projects the nightmare that has been prevailing within the war-torn northern city of Aleppo. The photographs of the child were widely distributed on social media.
On Thursday, the Russian military said it would be glad to support a call for weekly ceasefires inside Syria’s contested city of Aleppo. The Russian Defense Ministry said they were going to back the proposal made by UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura for a weekly 48-hour “humanitarian pauses” in Syria’s Aleppo, as reported by ABC News.

The Aleppo boy’s photograph is now acting as a humanitarian cause for the military to withdraw from using ammunition for 48 hours. The damaged building, in which the boy was living, collapsed
entirely. On Wednesday night, Omran was taken to the hospital, known as “M10.” Dr. Osama Abu al-
Ezz said that the boy had acquired head wounds but there was no brain injury. He was later

Russia’s decision, according to the UN Syria envoy, would permit aid to reach war-torn areas faster. However, this will act as a benefit as long as all sides respect the temporary truce. But Western diplomats provide caution to the announcement. They produced questions about Moscow’s motives, suggesting that the United Nations must be in charge of a continuous aid operation, according to Reuters.

The ceasefire would lead to the delivery of medical evacuations from both rebel-held eastern and
government-controlled western Aleppo. The Aleppo boy is currently being considered as the symbol of peace that could provide a humanitarian provision for the entire nation of Syria.

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