Bad relationship ends up in poor sleep


How well you're thinking that your partner understands and cares for you is joined to however well you sleep, new analysis suggests.
"Our findings show that people with responsive partners expertise lower anxiety and arousal, that successively improves their sleep quality," aforesaid lead author Emre Selcuk from Near East Technical University in Turkey.
One of the most important functions of sleep is to protect us against deterioration in physical health.

However, this protective function of sleep can only be realised when we have high quality
uninterrupted sleep, known as restorative sleep.
Restorative sleep requires feelings of safety, security, protection and absence of threats. For humans, the strongest source of feelings of safety and security is responsive social partners - whether parents in childhood or romantic partners in adulthood.
"Having responsive partners who would be available to protect and comfort us should things go wrong is the most effective way for us humans to reduce anxiety, tension, and arousal," Selcuk said.
Using data from the Midlife Development in the US project, past projects from the researchers showed connections between partner responsiveness, physical health and psychological well-being over several years.
"Taken together, the corpus of evidence we obtained in recent years suggests that our best bet for a happier, healthier, and a longer life is having a responsive partner," Selcuk noted.
The results were published in the journal Social Personality and Psychological Science.

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