Lopamudra Raut's bikini bod gets 10 /10 from fitness enthusiasts


Bigg Boss: Ever since she entered reality show Bigg Boss, Lopamudra Raut (Miss United Continents 2016, second Runner-up), has won the television audience over with her candid takes and forthright stand on things that really matter. But on Thursday, when she jumped into the pool, wearing a glamorous bikini in the celebrity house, her popularity soared like never before, while co-contestant Mona Lisa looked rather obscene. Nagpur's fitness enthusiasts are completely bowled over by Lopa's fab bikini bod and her chutzpah...

Toned like a global celeb
Lopa's fitness level showcased on small screen in the bikini has impressed many a fitness gurus. Fitness expert and bodybuilder Avinash Waghule gives a thumbs up to the city girl and goes on to add, "I had watched Lopa's videos before she entered Bigg Boss' house and I have been watching her phenomenal growth from a city collegiate to an international pageant winner. As a contestant, she is holding her own in a very dignified manner and the fitness level that she has attained is that of a global celeb that she is. Kudos to her."

Full marks to the city hottie
A diehard fitness enthusiast and city-based lawyer, Prakash Naidu takes pride in his regular fitness regimen. A Bigg Boss buff, Prakash goes on to add, "I give 10/10 to Lopamudra who has proved beyond doubt that Nagpur girls have what it takes when it comes to holding their own. The best part is that she is very comfortable in her skin and that is most important. Any person who can carry an outfit, whether a man or a woman, would definitely be more attractive than a person, who is not sure of himself or remains uncomfortable in his/her attire."

Three cheers to city girls
Many fitness lovers feel that Lopa is a reflection of so many Nagpur girls, who work hard to stay fit. A complete fitness freak herself, Dr Rupeshri B Bhoyar, shares, "I know so many Nagpur girls of all age groups, who have attained a high level of fitness. For girls like Lopa and many others like her, getting that perfectly toned body is about increasing their stamina and going beyond the mere looks. Moreover, working out and exercise help you fight so many diseases and de-stress you while enhancing that inner sense of well-being that is so important."

Fitness beyond gymming
According to yoga expert Vijayan Raman, the fitness level of the girl is amazing. "I feel this kind of toned physique is not possible with gymming alone. I'm sure Lopa is into a lot of yogasanas too. It is surya namaskar and other asanas that give such a holistic level of fitness and the best part is that there is no equipment needed for that or any age bar that can hinder you from taking the plunge," says Vijayan.

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