Rio 2016 Olympics Gymnastics: Dipa Karmakar finishes in 4th position


Dipa Karmakar will try and lift the spirits of the Indian contingent after yet another dismal day for the country. Karmakar will in the vaults final at her maiden Olympic Games and if she gets a medal, it will be the first for the country in gymnastics.
Karmakar created history she became the first Indian to qualify for the apparatus finals of artistic Gymnastics in Olympics. The Tripura girl finished eighth in the qualification event of the Vaults and scored 14.850 to qualify.
Coach BS Nandi informs he will reverse the order of Dipa Karmakar’s vaults: The Tsukahara 720 will be V1, the Produnova V2. Nandi thought it better to go for Tsukhara first as he felt it needs more attention as Dipa needs a higher score on that vault. Dipa feels confident enough about Produnova to perform to the same level, or better, even if it’s second. Catch the live updates from the gymnastics event of the Rio 2016 Olympics here.
Live Updates of Gymnastics: Dipa Karmakar
0000 hrs IST: Simone Biles of USA wins the gold with a vault of 15.966. This pushes Dipa Karmakar to fourth position. She misses the bronze medal by 0.150 points
2355 hrs IST: Russia’s Maria Paseka scores 15.253 to jump into lead. Dipa slips to 3rd position
2349 hrs IST: Dipa Karmakar scores 14.866 in first vault and then averages 15.066 and is currently in second posiotn
2346 hrs IST: Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber with a brilliant vault. She gets 15.533. In the second she gets 14.900. She leads with 15.216
2342 hrs IST: China’s Yan Wang completes her first vault and gets 14.866 as the score. Her second vault fetches her 15.133. She jumps into the lead with 14.999
2337 hrs IST: Uzbekistan legend Oksana Chusovitina trips over in her produnova. But completes the second vault. She gets an average 14.833
2336 hrs IST: Olsen’s first vaults fetches her 14.966 and the second gets her 14.666. Average score is 14.816
2335 hrs IST: Canada’s Shallon Olsen with two magnificent vaults and she will get a good score here. Only 16 years of age
2322 hrs IST: Korea’s Un Jong Hong performs her first vault and gets a good score of 15.400. She falls in the second but still manages a score of 14.400. She scores 14.900 in her final
2320 hrs IST” Dipa Karmakar’s event begins in Rio Olympics. She will perform at the fifth position
2300 hrs IST: Are you ready for the historic event at the Olympics for India? Dipa Karmakar will perform in the vaults final

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