Rs 5 lakh-cr investments announced at this year's Global Investors Summit: Shivraj Singh Chouhan


Indore: 23 Oct., 2016, With a promise to meet again in 2019, state chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today promised to make Madhya Pradesh world's best state at the Global Investors Summit organised in Indore. In an interview with Shashikant Trivedi, he spoke about his strategy to make Madhya Pradesh the most preferred destination in India. Excerpts:

After five global investors summit (GIS), how do you see Madhya Pradesh in terms of development?
It is encouraging to see a galaxy of investors from across the globe in Madhya Pradesh. This summit has attracted investors, high dignitaries from 42 countries. Of them five countries are partner to this summit. As many as 4,000 investors from home and overseas, delegates, non-resident Indians (NRIs) participated in the summit, nearly 300 business-to-business and business to government deals like that Davos Economic Summit took place in Indore. It has opened new vistas for us to improve our script of development further. In fact Madhya Pradesh is now ready to take off.

You often say Madhya Pradesh has maintained a double digit growth during almost the past decade and more importantly a never before agriculture growth. What was your strategy?
We focused on creating irrigation facilities to the farms. Our state had a dire need of irrigation. A huge investment in agriculture was needed as Madhya Pradesh is an agrarian economy. We moved ahead in various way which I do not want to list out but there was a proper strategy. We not only have created irrigation capacity from earlier 750,000 hectare to 3.6 million hectare but we also want to attain 6 million hectare in coming years. To cherish our prime minister Modiji's dream more crop per drop, we are now focusing on all available options of irrigation liked piped irrigation, sprinklers, or micro irrigation so that farmers can use every drop of water in irrigation. The canal irrigation, lift irrigation will continue but now we will adopt modern techniques of irrigation.

What after attaining the targeted irrigation potential and handsome growth?
Since this summit is more focused on farm sector and allied activities like agri and food processing sector, I am more interested in seeing if our investors can do more for farmers. I want food-processing industries to take shape in the state so that our farmers can have better returns on their farm yield. My government has made all possible efforts to create an eco-system for ensuring ‘ease of doing’ business and farm sector will be given priority.

Does it mean Madhya Pradesh can be a model of the other states?
I will not say that, each state has its own specialty, merits and conditions. Each Indian state has its own significance and importance but my government has focused on what to do in which geography of the state. We have a supportive central government under our visionary prime minister, we have better chances to improve our roadmap of development.

You have created a land bank for investors, is it from agriculture land or government-owned non-arable land?
It is non-arable land and obviously government land. We are welcoming all investors from home and overseas but it does not mean we are snatching land from farmers and giving away to industrialists. As I said agriculture is our main stay for economy there will no conflict between industry and our farmers.

In terms of ease of doing business what have you promised to potential investors in the summit?
We will make our delivery system more responsive by bringing certain services under Public Service Guarantee Act. We have promised that exemptions to the investors will continue even after GST regime and use of technology to faster the process at government end.

And in terms of quantum of investment how do you place this summit?
As I said we have more than 40 countries from across the world here, I travelled extensively to showcase potential of Madhya Pradesh as a result of which this summit will conclude with Rs 5,46,647 crore intention to investment in various sectors. It reflects that hard work of each member of my government has yielded returns. It would create a better environment among the lives of my fellow citizens.

Does it mean there will no further investors' summit?
No, the journey of development will continue, we will meet again in 2019.

Interview with Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh
Shashikant Trivedi


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